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Hello and welcome to Artistic Blinds Company. We are your source for beautiful vertical blinds and canvas prints made from your favorite photos, or from our gallery. Please take a moment to check out our site, or sign in and get started making your own prints. We offer photo printing on both vertical blinds and canvas artist boards. Both are classy and totally unique.

We utilize only top quality materials and inks in printing your photos with our new state of the art printer. Upload your favorite images or choose one from our extensive and always changing gallery. You will be blown away how good your pictures look on artist canvas or vertical blinds.

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Available Now In The Store

Artist's Canvas Panels

Now your favorite photos can become beautiful canvas artwork ready to display or frame. No need to worry about what to do with a rolled canvas, our prints come printed on high quality canvas artist panels, ready to frame. We ship all prints USPS Priority Mail. Canvas prices do not include shipping.

5" x 7"(5 x 7 Canvas Panel) $16.00
8" x 10"(8 x 10 Canvas Panel) $20.00
11" x 14"(11 x 14 Canvas Panel) $24.00
14" x 18"(14 x 18 Canvas Panel) $36.00
16" x 20"(16 x 20 Canvas Panel) $48.00
18" x 24"(18 x 24 Canvas Panel) $60.00
24" x 36"(24 x 36 Canvas Panel) $120.00


Exciting new book on faith by David Mathis, "How to Have Real Faith in the True God." A fresh look at real salvation, victory in the Christian life, peace in any situation, prayer, works, witnessing, and enjoying God.

5.25" x 8"(How to Have Real Faith in the True God) $8.00

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Popular Gallery Wraps are now available! Your pictures are printed on durable medium weight artist' canvas and wrapped on a sturdy 3/4" or 1-1/2" wooden frame. No other frame is necessary. Call 888-258-9663 for custom sizes.

8" x 10"(8 x 10 Gallery Wrap) $30.00
11" x 14"(11 x 14 Gallery Wrap) $36.00
14" x 18"(14 x 18 Gallery Wrap) $54.00
16" x 20"(16 x 20 Gallery Wrap) $72.00
18" x 24"(18 x 24 Gallery Wrap) $90.00
24" x 36"(24 x 36 Gallery Wrap) $180.00

Ceramic Plaque

Have your image printed on a display plaque or trivet! Any jpeg image can be printed on a 6" x 6" or 12" x 12" ceramic tile. These Plaques come with a hardwood display stand and cork feet on the back to protect your table if you use it as a trivet. Printing is heat and water resistant. Great for commemorative plaques and awards.

6" x 6"(6 x 6 Ceramic Plaque) $8.00
12" x 12"(12 x 12 Ceramic Plaque) $24.00

Vertical Blinds

Say goodbye to plain white vertical blinds. Transform any room with the printing of a beautiful photo on your blinds! You can choose one from our gallery or upload your own if it has enough pixels. You will be astonished as that plain white blind has been replaced with a beautiful full color print. We do not sell rails at this time. The price includes the vanes and free shipping.

How to measure your blinds:

1. Count the number of vanes in your vertical blind, multiply by 3.5, and enter that number in box 'W'

2. Measure the length of one of your vanes (include eighths of an inch) and enter that number in box 'H'. example: 32-3/8

3. Click on 'update order'. This will take you to the next page where there are three dropdown menus to complete. If you need to review these directions, simply click the back button.

3. Open your vertical blinds all the way and then close them all the way (this will set all of the vanes at the proper overlap).

4. Turn the vanes all the way shut with the convex side (side to be printed) toward you.
(convex side -->(<-- concave side)

5. Measure the visible part of several of the vanes and take the average (See drawing to left) It should be between 2-5/8 and
3-7/16 inches. Click on this measurement in the drop down menu marked 'A - Average Width'.

6. If you have 'perfect fit' blinds click on the same measurement in the drop-down menu marked 'B - Narrow Vane'. If your last vane overlaps the vane next to it more than the others overlap, measure the visible width of the next to last vane (narrow vane) and click on that measurement in the dropdown menu marked 'Narrow Vane'. (see drawing to left)

7. Open your blinds all the way. On which side do the vanes stack? Click right or left in the drop down menu marked 'Hand'. If your blinds open from the center, click center.Then click 'Save Settings'.

Custom Size(Vertical Blind) $10.00/SqFt.

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